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There are exactly five ways this could have happened:

  1. You were trying to solve one of the puzzles and typed a wrong guess into the URL. If this happened, go back and try again. Your guess was wrong.
  2. You followed a link that said it was to the site's custom 404 page, like the one in Recent Changes where I announced the creation of this page. In that case, everything's working the way you probably expected.
  3. You followed a link from the site index to something that sounded cool, but that I haven't actually made. Sorry, not everything on the index is real.
  4. You were typing random things into the URL bar to find out what would happen. If that's the case, congratulations! This happened, and you found out.
  5. You didn't do any of those, but there's an error somewhere on the site. Maybe I tried to make a link to some page and put a typo in the HTML. If this happened, please let me know so I can fix it.

Maybe you'd like to go back to the entrance of the Web site, or check out the map. I hope you find what you're looking for!