These are my notes on minor alterations to the Feast of Legends rules. This is being posted for me and my players to refer to.

Feast of Legends is the property of Wendy's, the fast food chain. The material here is my own and does not represent official rules statements by Wendy's. Ask your Game Master before using this in their campaign.

Errata and Clarifications:

Graceful Weapons

The descriptions for Order of the Chili and Order of the Baked Potato reference "finesse weapons." This should instead read "graceful weapons," as per the weapons table on page 9.

Attack Rolls

Attack rolls normally use your Strength roll bonus. Although it's not explicitly stated, attack rolls with a graceful weapon instead use your Grace roll bonus.

Also, note that being skilled with a weapon gives you +1 to attack rolls with it. This part isn't errata, I just wanted to remind you since it's easy to overlook.

Standard Weapons

The weapons table gives the spork, and no other weapons, the "standard" type. This represents the fact that the spork is the weapon everyone thinks of when they imagine a generic weapon.


Although not explicitly described as such, the fresh baked bun and the clamshell packaging in the armor table are shields. The fresh baked bun is a basic shield that may be included in the starting loadout of characters able to use shields.

Grab and Go

The description of the Grab and Go passive skill says that the movement ability uses a "bonus action." This should instead read "extra action."

House Rules:

No Buffs/Debuffs (recommended for online play)

Play without any of the in-game effects from real-life foods and drinks. This house rule is intended to reduce eating noises and thus improve the audio quality for groups playing in voice calls. It also removes the incentive to play an Order that matches your favorite Wendy's meal, which will hopefully encourage players to branch out and try making a wider variety of characters.

Dual Wielding

Although the Two Beef Patties skill allows dual wielding, no rules provide for extra attacks to be gained this way. This house rule allows all Orders the option of dual wielding, with Two Beef Patties providing a substantial bonus. Extra actions are heavily underused in base Feast of Legends, so I took the opportunity to fit them into this system:

If you attacked with a light weapon held in one hand this turn, you may use your extra action to attack with a second light weapon that you're wielding in your other hand. Subtract 1 from the attack and damage rolls of this attack, but still add any applicable bonuses as normal. If you have the skill Two Beef Patties, ignore the requirement for these weapons to be light.

Note that if you gain additional extra actions, as with the Classic Double skill, it is possible to make more than one attack with your secondary weapon in one turn.

Flexible Character Creation

Instead of choosing an Order and then rolling stats, roll stats and then choose an Order. This house rule is for the benefit of people whose Order preference depends on the stat distribution they get.

Homestyle Chicken Sandwich Item Skills

The Order of the Homestyle Chicken Sandwich is described as skilled with "Medium armor, shields, and projectile weapons," and unable to use "heavy weapons, two-handed weapons, or skilled weapons." Being skilled with a shield gives no bonus as written, as a shield affects the results of another character's roll to attack you, not a roll you make. "Skilled weapons" is a category of no certain meaning, being absent from the types in the weapons table. Therefore, those two categories should be removed from the Order's description, leaving "Skilled With: Medium armor and projectile weapons" and "Cannot Use: Heavy weapons or two-handed weapons." Hopefully this buff and nerf will cancel each other out.

Less Big Oops

Having a big oops, which results in the worst possible outcome, occur on 5% of all rolls can feel excessive to some people. This alternate rule reduces their frequency significantly.

Rolling a natural 1 results in an oops. In rare circumstances, if the bonuses to the roll are high and the difficulty of the roll is low, this may still be a success. If not, roll a d4. If you get a 1, the oops is confirmed to be a big oops.

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