Fletcher: i learned a new word in a dream last night
Fletcher: for people who have a physical body in the real world, or any kind of presence there at all, including on the internet
Fletcher: "faceboys"
Fletcher: i don't know if they had a word for people like us, who ONLY exist in the real world
Fletcher: we're probably beneath contempt
Dan: I'm not sure I understand the use of this term. In other words, people who exist are "faceboys"?
Fletcher: no, just liminal beings who are partly here and partly not
Fletcher: partly... elsewhere
Fletcher: instead of entirely elsewhere
Dan: Oh, so we are not faceboys. Faceboys exist in multiple reality-type things, one of which is our physical world.
Fletcher: right
Fletcher: although the other "reality-type things" are more real than our world, i think
Fletcher: faceboys was to some extent a term of derision
Dan: Like, an angel would be a faceboy, because it has a physical body but also exists in the something-whatever of heaven? Assuming heaven is not a physical place.
Fletcher: sure
Dan: Are there any real examples of faceboys?
Fletcher: that you would acknowledge as real on your terms?
Fletcher: none whatsoever
Dan: I don't mean that as an objection to the word. If "unicorn" gets to be a word, I suppose it's not a strike against "faceboy" that it's about a madeup thing that's never going to matter at all.
Fletcher: unicorns matter to the extent that thinking about the idea of them affects you
Fletcher: or if they're in your D&D game
Dan: Well, if I ever sink low enough to play Dungeons and Faceboys, this could be a useful addition to my vocabulary.

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