Wilson: i just read something funny
Wilson: "A yottabyte roughly converts to one quadrillion gigabytes, or 200 quadrillion 5MB mp3 files of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, which would take over 1 trillion years to listen to consecutively. By comparison, the universe is an estimated 13.7 billion years old."
Dan: Is it funny because of Call Me Maybe, or because the numbers are big?
Wilson: both?
Autumn: That's not how music works!
Wilson: you don't think music can be funny?
Autumn: No, I don't think that listening to music over and over requires a separate file each time.
Autumn: Wow, this big box of paper could make 12000 pages, the same number you'd need to read Catch 22 22 times!
Autumn: I've seen loss 500 times, so it must be 2000 panels long!
Autumn: Your home is 700 square feet, so if you were going to live there for ten years, it would take you over 92 square miles!
Dan: Wilson's quote didn't say it would take a yottabyte to listen to Call Me Maybe for a trillion years, though. It said it would take a trillion years to listen to a yottabyte of Call Me Maybe files.
Autumn: They're the same file! You listen to it ONCE.
Autumn: And then you spend a trillion years remembering the good times!

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