Lois: I've got one
Lois: OK, this is one of the earliest dreams I remember having
Lois: Fletcher, we've talked before about how my dreams are way less image-based than yours
Lois: This was far out on that extreme
Lois: It didn't involve any of the senses
Lois: I don't mean it was a sensory deprivation thing though
Lois: It wasn't a dream about going blind, it just took place somewhere with nothing that could be seen
Lois: No objects, no light, no medium to support light
Lois: I shouldn't really call it a place
Lois: There was no concept of anything being located
Lois: But there were things I was aware of
Lois: You know how sometimes in a dream you just know something, like you see a house, and for some reason you just know your parents are inside?
Lois: This was like that, but with nothing other than the just knowing
Lois: I was aware of some... I'm not sure what to call them
Lois: Concepts, I guess, but without any content to them, just links between them
Lois: Looking back, I kind of think of them as points of light with connections, like nodes on a graph
Lois: But there wasn't any light to them in the dream
Lois: They weren't in places, and they weren't being visualized
Lois: There was just the fact of their existence, and the ways they were connected
Lois: The main impression in the dream was astonishment that this was possible
Lois: That there could be this separate realm, this manner of existing, so devoid of sense-data
Lois: It wasn't nearly as rich or detailed as our world, there was barely anything to it
Lois: Just structure, and awareness of that structure
Lois: Sometimes I think I'd like to go back there

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