Fletcher: you know, a lot of people don't understand why i think wasting time is so hilarious, or even why it's something i consider important
Fletcher: i think it's fundamentally rooted in my belief that the world as we're used to it is coming to an end, and furthermore that the nature of that end is in our hands
Fletcher: we have a limited amount of time in which to change the course of eternity
Fletcher: needless to say, this is a burden so immense it really defies understanding
Fletcher: given that this is the case, wasting time, and not just through inefficiency but DELIBERATELY wasting time, is essentially a rejection of an infinite burden
Fletcher: so in a sense when you watch a video of sonic the hedgehog slapping a table for five minutes, you're not throwing five minutes of your life away, you're stealing it back
Fletcher: in the broad sense, wasting one's time could be considered a selfish activity, but since the entertainment value of sonic slapping a table is somewhere around -4, this interpretation no longer holds, and we're left with a stark, unclouded picture of the insanity of the situation
Fletcher: the function of utterly wasted time is that it allows us to glimpse the unthinkable chasm between how we live our lives and what is at stake
Fletcher: and the amazing thing is that there's a crazy part of all of us which doesn't care
Fletcher: playing with fire is considered irresponsible, but fire is nothing compared to time
Fletcher: and yet we all play with time as though it were newfallen snow
Fletcher: i understand my time's potential the most gravely, and waste it the most explicitly, of anyone i am aware of

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