Autumn: What if I want my money to go to a program that puts extra stop signs in places that don't need them?
Dan: When's the last time you even saw a stop sign?
Autumn: I see them constantly!
Dan: I mean a real one. Like, outside.
Autumn: Nnnnnnnnnnnnn...
Autumn: Never?
Fletcher: there's a stop sign right across the street from me
Fletcher: i can see it through a window right now
Fletcher: well, i could if it were light out
Autumn: All my windows are set to show me the view of the room that you'd see if you could look into the windows from outside.
Autumn: Except swapped with each other.
Autumn: If I stand in the right place it makes an infinite tunnel, with the chirality flipping twice every five steps.
Autumn: No, wait, that can't be right.
Autumn: Every four steps?
Autumn: I forget, I never actually bother to look at them.
Dan: Sounds like money well spent.
Autumn: Windows are free, old man.
Hawaii: do stop signs still work?
Autumn: Of course they still work!
Hawaii: so how come you never hear about it happening?
Autumn: I refuse to explain this any further!

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