Iris: do you remember what Jon's job is supposed to be?
Wilson: no, which jon
Iris: from Garfield!
Iris: what other Jon is there
Wilson: uhhhhhhhhh, jon stewart
Iris: Jon Stewart's job is kind of obvious...
Wilson: or anyone else whose full name is jonathan?
Iris: like who?
Wilson: some guy i vaguely remember from elementary school
Wilson: well, vaguely remember in that i THINK he was fat, but i could be wrong
Iris: yes, that's obviously what I meant, the Jon you vaguely remember from elementary school
Wilson: ok, ok! i can't think of any jons!
Wilson: anyway, no, i don't remember jon's job.....
Mary: He's a cartoonist.
Wilson: what! WHAT
Iris: no!
Iris: his job is making Garfield the best darn comic strip in the world!
Wilson: isn't that garfield's job?
Iris: garfield is a CAT

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