Fletcher: i have a group question
Fletcher: of all the dreams you've had, what's the one that haunts you the most?
Dan: NO
Fletcher: i'll go first
Dan: This isn't a group question, it's you making an excuse to get us to listen to one of your dreams.
Fletcher: it's true that that's why i brought this up, but i think it says something that getting you to listen requires jumping through such hoops
Fletcher: and that it's so obvious even to you that you have this issue
Autumn: It says that listening to dreams is boring.
Fletcher: i don't agree!
Fletcher: and to prove it, now i want you to go first
Fletcher: i will listen and be delighted
Autumn: What was the question again?
Fletcher: it's right up there
Dan: Don't do it, Autumn.
Autumn: Do you think people rank their dreams by hauntingness?
Dan: Don't fall for the trap.
Fletcher: i think given that question, people who bother to think for a couple minutes can come up with a reasonable candidate for the dream that's most haunting for them
Fletcher: set a timer for two minutes
Fletcher: see if you can bring yourself to actually think about the question for that lengthy span of time
Autumn: Spending two minutes thinking about a single thing is a much harder task than it sounds like, and you know it.
Autumn: But sure, I'll do it.
Dan: I'm going to state in advance that Autumn's dream story won't be worth hearing either.
Fletcher: you can use this time to think about your answer too
Dan: I could waste this time in a lot of ways.
Autumn: I have a couple in mind. Do you want something that's haunted me a lot recently, or something that's been long-term haunting me but at lower intensity?
Autumn: Or do you want the one that was the most haunting at its peak?
Fletcher: ssssssecond one
Autumn: All right.
Autumn: This was three years ago or so, a bit after the flooding. I had a dream where I was playing a board game with my sister, I think Civilization, but the cards in my hand were stuck together. While I was trying to pull them apart so I could play one of them, I felt her unzip my pants. The rest of it was a pretty conventional sex dream, but the reason it's haunting is that now, every time she wants to play some stupid game with me, I remember that dream, and how much of a creep my subconscious is.
Dan: That was better than it could have been, in that it was kind of short.
Dan: The board game part was a bit of a turnoff though, could you just stay focused on the incest next time?

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