Hawaii: there should be something weird about the aliens
Fletcher: they could be created instead of evolved
Fletcher: built for a goal that's lost its original context, that's no longer being advanced by their existence
Fletcher: so they don't have any covert purpose, everything about them is an end and not a means
Fletcher: like removing someone's mask and finding they don't have a face
Hawaii: ew
Hawaii: no!
Hawaii: something like, glow in the dark
Hawaii: or they hate cheese
Fletcher: how about this:
Hawaii: or they're made of cheese
Fletcher: every night, they spontaneously go unconscious, and during that period of unconsciousness, they enter nonsensical virtual worlds
Hawaii: do they have a machine that makes the virtual world?
Fletcher: no
Hawaii: maybe there's this space animal that can read their minds, and it talks to them like that
Fletcher: no, nothing like that
Fletcher: it just happens
Fletcher: their brains just evolved to do that
Hawaii: why?
Fletcher: nobody knows why
Hawaii: thats stupid
Hawaii: they all wear goggles
Hawaii: but when they take them off their heads are still shaped like goggles under it

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