Iris: if you ask me, plants should just be exterminated
Iris: like the pests that they are!
Wilson: what about all the oxygen they produce
Iris: pah!
Wilson: i'm not sure that's a valid answer
Iris: well, we'll just exterminate the animals too
Iris: so they don't breathe it all up
Wilson: i guess we'll still get enough from photosynthetic plankton
Wilson: but do those survive the oceans getting depopulated?
Iris: those are still technically plants, they'll have to go
Iris: and while we're axing the animals and plants, i suppose the fungi and whatever should be expunged as well
Wilson: we still don't have a way to deal with bacteria, though
Iris: they die!
Wilson: what do you mean
Iris: they die and no one misses them!
Iris: that's how we deal with them
Wilson: what about when they reproduce?
Iris: they can't reproduce if they're dead!
Wilson: why would they die?
Iris: because we would kill them!
Wilson: how do you kill all the bacteria?
Iris: hm
Iris: good question
Wilson: yeah, that was my question in the first place!
Iris: nenet, I guess
Wilson: people definitely aren't going to let you do that
Iris: then they die first!

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