Autumn: I have a dark secret, Lois.
Lois: Darker than mine?
Autumn: What's yours?
Lois: You first!
Autumn: No, you first.
Lois: No, YOU
Autumn: No you
Lois: Ok, look, we'll use an intermediary
Lois: We'll both tell Hawaii our secret
Autumn: All right.
Lois: Or, no
Lois: Wilson
Autumn: I don't trust Wilson.
Autumn: Let's use Mary.
Lois: Sure
Lois: Where is she
Autumn: Wait, here's Hawaii.
Autumn: Tell her your secret.
Hawaii: what are you talking about?
Lois: Ok, I sent it to her
Lois: Now you
Autumn: There.
Hawaii: uhhhhhh
Hawaii: ok
Hawaii: autumn's is darker
Autumn: I win!
Lois: Booooo
Lois: Ok, what's yours?
Autumn: What's YOURS?
Lois: My secret is that I'm eagerly waiting for you to tell me your dark secret
Autumn: My secret is that I'm so bored that claiming to have a dark secret seemed like a good idea.
Lois: Hmm
Lois: This has been a horrible waste of time for everyone involved
Hawaii: my secret is that i saw a video about a mouse

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