Hawaii: the hot new thing is saying barack obama
Iris: people already say Barack Obama!
Iris: I've been saying it since before you were born!
Hawaii: the new thing is when you say it
Hawaii: you say it at the beginning and end
Iris: Of what!
Hawaii: talking to people
Hawaii: instead of hello you say barack
Hawaii: and instead of goodbye you say obama
Fletcher: that's a good idea
Iris: it is not!
Fletcher: repurposing an ancient politician into a new way to mock greetings and goodbyes
Iris: I'll repurpose your bones
Iris: into xylophones for skeletons to play
Iris: as they sing songs about your treasonous disrespect for former presidents
Dan: Can we back up a minute and revisit Fletcher's claim that Obama is "ancient"?
Iris: and call for your execution
Dan: I know you only said that to make me feel old, but I've seen people talk about him that way in earnest.
Iris: he is ancient, though
Iris: practically a skeleton himself
Iris: that's why his president nickname was Bonesy
Hawaii: can i have a president nickname?
Iris: NO
Iris: only the Secret Service can give you a president nickname
Fletcher: your president nickname is Project Pegasus
Hawaii: yay
Iris: that's too long to be a nickname!

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