Hawaii: we have a marmalade can at home too
Mary: A lunatic was on the train; a guard sat beside him. The lunatic was happy that a guard sat beside him.
Hawaii: the magpie nests high, the goose nests low, but the owl nests neither high nor low
Mary: It does rain a little, but for how little it rains, it rains enough.
Hawaii: uncle got angry at aunty because yesterday aunty took uncle's legal papers from the cupboard and cut them with a brand new pair of scissors and they went, karaa...karaa...
Mary: The goat lives on the bench. The goat dies under the bench.
Hawaii: there are dirty reindeers and they eat reindeers
Mary: The powerful nobles say that when someone thinks six apples are too much, that's already a strong reason that they shan't be granted more power.
Iris: What the hell is this!
Hawaii: two bakers ask for two nice blue pictures
Mary: Sixteen judges are eating a hanged man's liver, but if the hanged man gets down, he'll eat the sixteen livers of the sixteen judges who hanged him.
Iris: What the hell is this!!!
Iris: Can the two of you actually understand one another?
Mary: In a sense we can, and in another sense there is nothing to understand.
Hawaii: the ships were maneuvering but didn't manage to maneuver their way out
Mary: In a sea of delightful wine a mouse may only die.
Iris: NO
Iris: Stop whatever this is!
Hawaii: i bring dry bread in the bag and i sit where i am and i suck the juice
Iris: Fuck the juice!

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