Lois: Hey, Autumn
Lois: What's the place you work like?
Autumn: Shannon's video calls?
Autumn: Pretty good aside from when he's talking.
Lois: No
Lois: Your day job
Autumn: I can write books in the day.
Autumn: I mean, I don't, but it isn't any different from the night in that respect.
Lois: Don't you manage artists or something?
Autumn: Oh, the avatar place. Nah, that folded a couple months ago.
Autumn: Held out longer than I thought they would, it was a really terrible idea.
Autumn: My side gig now is tech coordinator at a startup.
Autumn: Should be good, these guys are stubborn enough to lose a lot of money.
Autumn: Why are you asking?
Lois: I'm just feeling pretty dissatisfied at work lately
Autumn: And I'm the one whose career you want to get inspiration from.
Lois: Well, your situation sounds less long-term stable than I think I could handle
Lois: But honestly, you're a better person to go to than most people I know here
Lois: Dan's always talking about how awful his job is, Hawaii's a child, Wilson's effectively unemployed, I'm not going to do porn,
Autumn: What about Fletcher?
Lois: Hahaha
Autumn: Yeah, I suppose I am your best option.
Autumn: That's kind of disturbing.
Iris: LOIS
Iris: you want career advice
Iris: step one: know your enemy
Lois: I don't even know what your job is
Autumn: She sells her lymph squeezings online.
Iris: I work in an actual office
Autumn: You telework.
Iris: yes
Iris: to an actual office
Iris: from another actual office
Mary: Lois, I'm sorry to hear it's tough at work for you right now.
Iris: the servers are in a third office
Iris: my coworkers?
Mary: I actually still take on some writing work too, although it's not especially high-paying.
Iris: you guessed it, tiny offices I built for them
Iris: with my hands
Mary: If you're thinking about private-sector operations management, I could put you in touch with a friend who might be a good source of advice. They'll know areas where your particular experience would be a big plus.
Iris: the offices of the arms
Lois: ...I'm not sure how you know that, but that actually sounds perfect
Lois: Thank you!
Iris: forget that, I'll hire you
Iris: you start monday

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