Iris: hey, Lois
Iris: check your email lately?
Lois: What?
Lois: Oh, haha
Lois: Wait
Lois: Is this real?
Iris: I told you
Iris: monday
Iris: print out your ID badge and don't be late
Autumn: Ahaha.
Autumn: She's actually hiring you, isn't she?
Lois: I got an email from "Advance Northern Enterprises" about their "Incorporated Technologies Division New Employee Orientation Track"
Iris: welcome aboard
Autumn: She's done this to me before.
Autumn: Like three times.
Autumn: Just ignore it.
Iris: yeah, skip the orientation
Iris: it's better to figure things out as you go
Lois: You send people actual job offers as a joke?
Iris: or just make them up
Lois: It doesn't even say any info about the job
Lois: It's impressively vacuous
Iris: check your spam folder
Iris: the contracts sometimes end up there
Iris: probably because I blast them out like crazy
Lois: I'm not doing this
Iris: you would have gotten this yesterday if your email were easier to remember
Iris: I typoed it the first time and it was easier to just put through a new job offer to the right one than to try to fix it
Iris: I hope lois.tamayo shows up too
Iris: you can fight for it
Autumn: Accidentally hiring two Loises would be a good sitcom premise.
Autumn: I'm imagining them looking identical, which I suppose is unlikely.
Lois: ...
Lois: Iris
Lois: Do the people at your job know you're like this?
Iris: my boss definitely knows, considering this is how he started with us
Iris: or maybe he forgot
Iris: he's kind of an idiot
Iris: what I'm saying is, you're on the fast track

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