Autumn: Good news, everyone!
Autumn: I found the worst deviantart picture caption.
Autumn: "Her divine punishment for being too uppity is that now to keep her powers she has to have sex with the wolf every day. The wolf is mean and makes her beg for his wolf cock."
Dan: Hahaha
Lois: ...
Lois: Yuck
Iris: That can't be the worst
Iris: I could find something worse with one search engine tied behind my back
Iris: Using just the backup search engine hidden up my other sleeve
Autumn: Put up or shut up!
Iris: I just looked at 157 things that were so much worse I closed my browser in disgust before I could copy them
Autumn: Lies!
Iris: It happened 157 times in a row
Iris: Just now
Autumn: You've never closed a browser 157 times in your life!
Iris: Never before
Iris: ...until today
Lois: I think the worst part is that whoever wrote that chose "being uppity" as her crime
Lois: Well, maybe that's not the worst part
Lois: But it's pretty bad
Lois: Speaks to a very particular mindset
Dan: I have a surprise contender for the worst part.
Dan: I looked for the image that was from.
Lois: How awful is it?
Dan: It's a perfectly normal picture.
Dan: Not amazing or anything, but pretty good art. The guy's legitimately got some talent. Anyway, the disturbing thing is that it's completely safe for work, even if you work in some old-fashioned office where you're monitored for whether you look at porn. Just a normal drawing of some woman in the woods with a wolf next to her, not sexualized.
Dan: She's modestly dressed and doesn't even have big tits.
Lois: Wow
Lois: I'm honestly not sure if that makes it better or worse
Autumn: The rest of his stuff is like that too.
Lois: It definitely makes it weirder
Dan: Did he just put a horrible caption on this one as a joke?
Autumn: No, his captions are all horrible.
Autumn: You know, the more I look through his pages, the more I wish I were him.
Lois: You do not!
Autumn: Not that I wish I were him as he actually is, but I wish I'd made this art and described it this way.
Autumn: It would be a nice fake identity to have established.
Dan: I wish I were him only to the extent that it would be nice if I knew how to draw.
Lois: I wish I were him, because then I could decide to never put my horrible stuff online and this conversation wouldn't happen
Dan: I don't think you get to tack on a time travel wish.
Iris: I wish you were all that horrible girl from his stupid wolf picture!

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