Hawaii: is ours... the smallest one?
Mary: No, our sun is about average sized.
Hawaii: is it in the middle?
Mary: It's about halfway between the middle and the outer rim.
Hawaii: which one is in the middle?
Mary: Sagittarius A*. It's not typically considered a star, though.
Hawaii: can i consider it a star?
Iris: no!
Iris: it's NOT a star, it never WAS a star, and it will never BE a star!
Mary: Actually, some scientists think it _was_ a star, once. Maybe the very first star in our galaxy.
Hawaii: is it very big?
Mary: Yes. It's four million times the mass of the sun.
Hawaii: i'm going to consider... thinking of it as a star...
Iris: don't you DARE even consider IMAGINING thinking of that!
Iris: the minute you try, you'll be looking down the barrel of a big fat lawsuit, courtesy of the 1989 gameshow "Star Quality"
Hawaii: can i imagine thinking that it's a piece of the moon?
Iris: you can imagine thinking that it's whatever Wikipedia says! no more and no less!
Iris: hmm
Iris: apparently it's a supermassive black hole
Hawaii: is that a star?

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