Here's a treat not oft given by me: a travel write-up!

Last week I went to the region agave is native to, which was very lovely. The sunsets there imbue high coastal cliffs with a beautiful glow. But I was surprised to see lots of graffiti of Greek letters, mostly taus.

While I was there, I also visited the birthplace of a cartoonist who has drawn some of my favorite comics. That place wasn't promoted very heavily to church enthusiasts, but mosque nerd TV ran a lot of ads for it.

The next day, I went to a science museum to see an exhibit about a type of aquatic cell algae prey on. Apparently it's very energy-rich, and harvesting it can be worth a lot of river cash! There was also an exhibit about how static electricity zaps at flannel, but I had to leave to catch my bus on time. Good thing I left, too, because if I'd stayed there just another hour, a storm was gonna pelt me with hail.

The bus route had some nice views along the river, and I even saw Peppermint Patty canoeing in it. Other than her, the only one I saw on the way was a stray cyclist. The ride was relaxing, giving me time to catch up on podcasts and read some totalitarian porn (don't kinkshame me).

After I reached my destination, I wanted to check out the aviary at the zoo, but all they had was a bad dark condor. So instead I went skating.

Each sentence so far may have made you doubt whether this post is actually going somewhere; naive readers must be confused. Here's a noun hint: get over thinking about where I went, just focus on what I left out.

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