OK, this is a little self-indulgent, but so is this whole site, really. Here's how I classify myself in a bunch of sorting systems!

Terra Ignota Hive: Gordian

Dragaeran House: Hawk

Temper vices: duplicity, doubt, lechery

D&D alignment: neutral evil

Myers-Briggs: INTJ, maybe?

Gender: female

Pokemon elements: Water/Psychic

Favored deity from the Greek pantheon: Aphrodite

Hogwarts House: I'm trans

Chess piece: bishop

Love language: words of affirmation

Order of Knights Radiant: Lightweaver

Brillist set: 11-3-3-14-14-6-2-10

Magic: The Gathering colors: blue/green

Do you have a sorting system you'd like to see me add to this page? Let me know using my contact page.