Flags are neat, as a concept.

Flags that I like for personal identification reasons
trans pride flag The trans pride flag. I have one in my window, and sometimes paint my nails in these colors.
Gordian flag The flag of the Gordian Hive, from the Terra Ignota books by Ada Palmer. It's a very good Hive.
District of Columbia flag The flag of Washington DC, where I live. We don't have Congressional representation, but we have a nice flag.
Maryland flag of bi and trans pride My friend Alex made this flag. It really speaks to me, as a bi trans person who used to live in Maryland.
Flags that I saw in dreams
mohan pride flag The mohan pride flag. In the dream, I tried to figure out what "mohan" meant as an identity, but was unsuccessful.
flag of eternal Purim The Flag of Eternal Purim commemorates the time that for some odd technical reason, Purim couldn't end. It's not a very good flag. Sorry, Joelle.
Miscellaneous other flags
proposed Panama flag design An early proposal for a Panamanian flag.
Jamaican flag Fun flag trivia: Jamaica is the only country that currently has a flag without red, white, or blue in it. All right, yes, only as long as you count the maroon on Sri Lanka's flag as a kind of red. That's fair, right? Just let this flag trivia happen.
Trans pride flag distorted in the manner of the Seychelles flag Remember when there was a fad for Seychellized versions of other flags? That was awesome.
Maryland flag Maryland has the best flag of any US state. People who say it's horrible and hurts their eyes are wrong.

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