Some old chatlogs that I thought were amusing enough to keep around. (With minor edits for readability.)

  1. Digital Lumberjack: Lois tries to tell Autumn about a rough day at work.
  2. Developers: Iris talks about Steve Ballmer for some reason.
  3. Barack Obama: Hawaii thinks she's found a new fad.
  4. Germ Theory: Arguments about why people don't eat off the floor.
  5. Mean Wolf: Autumn finds some terrible art. NSFW.
  6. Outdated Charities: A bunch of pointless charity causes.
  7. Antagonistic Astronomy: Iris gets in the way of Hawaii actually learning something.
  8. What Does Dan Do Anyway?: We finally kind of get an answer.
  9. Dream Debate: Fletcher and Dan argue about dreams.
  10. Moon Facts: "Want to hear some facts about the moon?"
  11. Fletcher Ethics: A thought experiment that nobody learned anything from.
  12. OJ Confusion: Someone needed a drink.
  13. Job Evaluations: Iris gives bad advice. In general, but also in this log.
  14. Faceboy Friends: Learn some new vocabulary.
  15. Fact Check Me Maybe: Autumn has no patience for Wilson's humor.
  16. Autumn's Life: Autumn has no patience for sunlight either. Featuring Iris's "Autumn's Life" rant.
  17. Lois's Dream: Probably the emptiest dream I've heard of.
  18. Leland's Shame: Dan helps Iris out.
  19. Entertainment Value: -4: Fletcher wastes time.
  20. Waluigi Explained: Autumn has gaming memories.
  21. Window Treatment: Miscellaneous discussion about stop signs and windows.
  22. Film Appreciation: Lois burns Autumn hard.
  23. OJ Anger: I still don't know where Wilson was originally going with this.
  24. Gridlocked: People have disagreements over some grid anomaly pictures.
  25. Jon's Job: Iris is mean to Wilson about Garfield.
  26. Haunted Dreams: Fletcher wants to talk about dreams. This is an obvious trap.
  27. Seriously Weird: Hawaii wants to come up with a gimmick for aliens.
  28. Planticide: Killing things for no reason.
  29. Dark Secrets: Less exciting than it sounds.
  30. Nonsense Contest: Mary and Hawaii find something in common.
  31. Work Woes 1: Lois isn't happy with her job.
  32. Work Woes 2: Lois isn't happy with Iris.